How to put out an EV fire

Modern EV's batteries utilize lithium ions that are intercalated into graphite, lithium metal oxides and/or lithium salts. There is no metallic lithium in a lithium ion battery.

Because there is no metallic lithium in a lithium ion battery, ordinary extinguishing agents (e.g. ABC extinguisher) can be used effectively on a fire involving lithium ion batteries:

Use an ABC dry chemical extinguisher or water hose stream.



Figure 17: Electric vehicle fires can be fought with ordinary ABC powder or water

Fumes and smoke from burning batteries are dangerous to your health. Avoid breathing in fumes or smoke from burning batteries.

When using water remember that it will take large amounts to cool the fire sufficiently and to wash away the burning electrolyte. After using water the fire is more likely to reignite due to electric sparks.

Several types of chemical agents exist which will reduce the amount of water necessary to stop the fire.