How to drive safely without sound/noise

Electric vehicles are particularly silent vehicles.  In everyday traffic they are practically inaudible to pedestrians, cyclists and other motorists. When driving an EV you should therefore pay special attention to the awareness of other road occupants.

Watch this video to learn about noise:



Pedestrians crossing the road will often listen for cars rather than look for cars. Make sure the pedestrian has caught eye contact with the vehicle.

Silent cars may be perceived as stationary or slow moving. Do not assume that pedestrians etc. have perceived the speed at which you are actually moving.



Cyclist will sometimes cross the road to turn without looking behind (e.g. turn left in left-hand drive countries or turn right in right-hand drive countries), assuming that cars coming from behind will be audible. Pay special attention to cyclist riding in front of the EV when approaching intersections or other places where cyclist may perform such maneuvers.

When backing up the EV from parking spaces or from driveways take utmost care not to hit pedestrians or cyclists since they will almost certainly be surprised by the sudden movement of the car.