Preheating the cabin

In cold weather the cabin should be pre heated while plugged in. If this is not the case be very careful to remove ice from windscreens and mirrors since the EV has limited excess heat available for de-icing while driving. If the carpets of the car seem moist remember that this has also to do with preheating. Be sure to use the programmable preheating if available. Do not ever initiate a journey in an EV with icy windscreen and don't attempt to use wiper fluid to remove ice on a cold windscreen. The likely outcome is complete loss of visibility.


Preheating the cabin for road safety

When plugged in the vehicle has access to the mains which means that the battery is not drained by operating the heater or air conditioner. Most EV's have programmable or remote controlled heating systems that allow you to turn the heater on from your smartphone or from the key fob.


Figure 12: Smart phone application for electric cars (Nissan)

Preheating will not result in lesser energy consumption, but will increase your comfort and improve your range significantly in cold weather. It also improves safety because there is less risk of icy and dewy windows.