Washing and easy maintenance

Wash the EV by hand or in a car wash like any other car. Avoid high pressure cleaning of the engine bay or anywhere on orange coloured high voltage cables.


What could you potentially do on an EV yourself?

• Wash the car by hand or in a car wash
• Refill with wiper fluid
• Change the wheels
• Temporarily fix a flat tire with a repair kit
• Add coolant to the electric motor, battery- and inverter cooling if applicable
• Replace light bulbs
• Replace 12 V fuses
• Replace the 12 V battery
• Renew brake pads

What should you definitely NOT do?

• Attempt to repair or modify the charging ports
• Disconnect any of the orange wires
• Try to open the battery case
• Open or remove any parts with high voltage (yellow flash) symbol on it
• Attempt to jump start the vehicle!

Always refer to the user's manual. Road side assistance is available anywhere in the EU but you should sign up for the services when you buy the car and remember to pay the annual fee. Without a prior agreement calling roadside assistance could be very expensive.