Information for cyclists and pedestrians

2-7Safety first!

Electric vehicles are rather silent and will often surprise pedestrians and cyclists. Pay attention especially in parking lots where an electric car may suddenly start to move without warning.

It is also worth noticing that electric cars are rather quick off the red lights. You may be surprised how fast they actually move just a few meters away from the stoplight.

It is unlikely that an EV driver would be trying to annoy or scare you on purpose. Many EV drivers see themselves as ambassadors for electro mobility and they will most probably behave accordingly.

Whether or not you appreciate car drivers in general, try to appreciate the EV driver. Remember they appreciate clean air and bird song just like you.

The electric car is not meant as a substitute for walking, biking or taking the bus. Cars still constitute a problem in cities because of the need for parking space and the risk of accidents. In cities there are often car sharing schemes which are recommendable instead of owning a car. Remember also to use the public transportation whenever possible.